Giving is contagious.

  • At Network Funding, we're all about home and family. That's why we created The Giving Network. We want to make a difference in the lives of families and improve the homes in which they live.
  • As the charitable arm of Network Funding, this is where we come together with our co-workers, clients, and friends to make a larger impact than we could on our own.

How it works







When you donate through The Giving Network, the donation goes to our 501c3 partner: National Christian Foundation (NCF). Network Funding matches your donation*, then NCF gives our combined gift to your chosen organization! Learn more about how it works.

Our Partners

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People Matter

Dear Friend,

When we started Network Funding, we knew it wasn’t actually our company. The company has and always will belong to Jesus; we are just His stewards. So, we want to run our company the way we believe He would, according to the principles and values He has given us.

Chief among those values is generosity. The amazing thing about generosity is it's contagious. So, we give, because He has given so much to us. We love, because He loves us. And when we give and serve together, we can make a bigger difference than we ever could on our own.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, one thing we hope you can agree with us on is people matter. Whether you’re an employee, a business partner, or a client of Network Funding, we hope you’ll join us through The Giving Network and help us make a difference.

We can give more, when we #GiveTogether.





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* Network Funding will match a portion of your gift, up to 100%, for all active campaigns, as well as fund the stated amount for all service projects.